Student Support

Student Support

Every student needs help and advice when it comes to choosing accommodation, opening bank accounts or preparing medical care. Forward Learning Solutions facilitates services that can help students with these things. Our relationships with our students does not stop at enrolment. We are available to offer help and support to every student should they require advice. Our team will help students with these contingencies so that the student learns in a safe and secure environment,

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Medical Care

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical care has. been more. important than ever. Making an application with Forward Learning Solutions every learner can sign on to our healthcare programme. It is a health insurance provider which specialises in virtual consultations. Because it is virtual, the process for prescriptions takes often less than half the time of traditional GPs. They can even arrange home visits and referrals.

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Financial Care

Financial considerations such as opening bank accounts and evidences associated with fee paying often require expertise to ensure documents are submitted correctly and applications are correct. Forward Learning Solutions can offer guidance on these matters and a service is offered to help create these bank accounts.

Social Experience

The Social experience for every student is imperative to the success of their time at university. Socialising in clubs and societies, amongst those on the same course or with other students in accommodation is a major consideration for every learner. FLS has a network of student ambassadors in place to support all our learners.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, students will spend more time than ever in their accommodations. This means, more than ever, if a student is not happy with their accommodation their student experience will be affected. We offer our expertise to help each student make the choice on where to live during their time at University.

Learning Experience

University is all about education. Our partners across the UK are all leading educational institutions. Every learner requires a safe and secure environment for their learning. All of the factors involved in student support have a role in maintaining this environment. At FLS we offer advice and support even after enrolment to help our students.