Privacy Policy

Keeing your data safe

As you will likely be sharing sensitive and personal information with us, we want you to know that your data is safe with us! We are fully GDPR covered - your data will be kept and controlled in accordance to our policy outlined below.

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of service

Forward Learning Solutions’ candidates shall not introduce their candidatures directly to Forward Learning Solutions’ partner institutions or their respective university partners

The candidate must cooperate with Forward Learning Solutions in their best capacity in communications, providing information and documents, attending interviews or entrance examinations

The candidate agrees Forward Learning Solutions’ may act on their behalf in corresponding with Forward Learning Solutions’ partner institutions in order to make applications and discuss requirements on a unique basis. The candidate also agrees Forward Learning Solutions is permitted to send personal documents to its’ partner institutions

According to the best of the candidate’s knowledge, the information they have provided above is correct and they are responsible for any mistruths detailed above